The 'Object Project'

Sounded simple enough, photograph artwork and produce Giclee prints for an exhibition! By way of an introduction, read on.

Exhibition by Lin Holland & Jane Poulton with the participation of 18 residents from West Everton

The Object Project began almost one year ago with collaborating artists Lin Holland & Jane Poulton working with seventeen households from the West Everton Community Council on a participatory research project.
The aim of the project was to build a dialogue between the artists and residents wherein they could collectively explore how objects become meaningful in the lives of their owners and what role three-dimensional contemporary art might have in domestic spaces.


The artists visited each household where the project participants revealed their significant object and explained how it had accrued its meaning. The portraits, objects and stories were recorded, creating an archive of intimate heritage. Seventeen new artworks have been made by Lin & Jane in response to this exchange and these will be exhibited, along with photographic images documenting the project.


Now Lin & Jane have put me through the wringer before always interesting, sometimes very challenging projects.
No surprises this time! Three location's for the photography the first being a studio at Hope University followed by a shoot in the Everton community centre involving a model who has never been photographed before, is agoraphobic and needs to take up ten different classical poses after famous works of art representing 'Venus'.


Then followed wax, glass, plaster, linen, coloured boxes, cutlery, granite, bronze, a mirror, feather filled pillow and last but not least several Lego towers with a house on top of each, a great project and very rewarding to see all my prints on display at Hope University at the private viewing.